Wine Wednesday


It's the first week of August and the ladies (and one man - rock on dude) are hanging out with me for a little craft night at the Bottle Room in Downingtown. If you haven't been, you need to check it out ASAP. This town has a fabulous crew of new breweries and craft beer stops and the Bottle Room is one of our favorites. 

Every week is Wine Wednesday (also you need to check out Taco Tuesday!) so what better excuse than to throw a craft night for wine! For this class, I put together 10 shadow boxes, sanded and stained, and ready to be filled. I even added an extra hole in the top for easy cork access. Like my typical paint night classes, I'll give a 20 minutes lesson about different type faces and techniques. The rest of the 2 hour class is theirs to doodle away. Of course, each ticket comes with a free drink to get the creative juices flowing. 

I'm constantly blown away by the "inspiring" messages. Wine Not. Drinking Wine is not a habit, it's my Hobby. And my personal box displaying, "Uncork & Unwind". Everyone comes with their own saying to add. Unlike paint nights, where everyone paints the same thing, I like to allow room for you to be creative. I think it makes it more unique but it also helps so you're not judging your project based on others. So I give you the techniques and the tricks, and you make it your own. 

This class just happened to have a lot of friends of mine. What can I say, my friends love wine! They've all allowed me to share their achievements for the evening. 

Sarah Votta